Friday, July 13, 2007

Wake me Up from the Planned Parenthood Nightmare [Jay]

Is it just me, or does Planned Parenthood seem like some kind of crazy nightmare sometimes? I have mentioned before that in my capacity as a fundraiser I look at the charitable giving trends of foundations and organizations. It is always disappointing when I find an otherwise fine organization sending large amounts of money toward an outfit as odd as Planned Parenthood. Lets go over some of the recent Planned Parenthood fun shall we:

In June, they demonstrated that it was entirely possible for a 15 year-old runaway to become impregnated by a 41 year-old dog trainer and go to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion without any red flags being raised and anything being reported. The 15 year-old was later found by the police “in a hidden storage space under a set of stairs.”

In May, they advised a pro-life activist that pretended to be a 15 year-old impregnated by a 23 year-old to lie about her age on her admission forms. They also agreed to forget the conversation disclosing the actual age.

A different counselor at a different facility assured the same activist that if she had to do it all over again, she would have gotten an abortion when she was 17. Gee, thanks mom! (World Magazine June 9, 2007 p62-63)

In May, a Cincinnati branch was sued because a girl that had been sexually abused by her father for 4 years was brought in for an abortion. After the procedure when her father could not be hovering over her any longer, she allegedly told a clinic worker of the pattern of abuse in an effort to get help. Response from Planned Parenthood?. NOTHING. (World Magazine June 9, 2007 p62-63)

Now, this Jill Stanek article on WorldNet Daily finally finds something that outrages the people of Planned Parenthood into action. On July 6, Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation into law mandating that the four abortion facilities in Missouri raise their clinic standards to the level of other medical practices. That is too much for this group to stand idly by and take. Planned Parenthood may be willing to look the other way and not ask questions when it comes to sexually abused children, but they will not just sit back and allow Missouri to demand they act like a medical clinic.

What are the “onerous” demands being made by Missouri? Read the article by Stanek and see. The list is so basic that it may astonish you to learn that Planned Parenthood claims it would cost them $2 million dollars to bring one of their facilities up to this standard. Stanek asks a fair question, how terrible is this place that it takes $2,000,000.00 to upgrade the conditions to minimal medical clinic standards?

We could tell Planned Parenthood stories all day, and they would be funnier if they weren’t the true stories of an abortion machine that is heavily funded, highly profitable, and often allowed access into public schools. It is a shame that they are also taxpayer supported and oddly protected from media scrutiny. Make no mistake, I use the word shame in the strongest sense of the word. It is perhaps telling that even the word shame no longer carries the negative connotation it once did.

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