Monday, August 16, 2010

Plan C

NOTE! Please accept my apologies for any confusion the original post below may have caused. In fairness to Elizabeth, I failed to communicate to her the LTI position on Plan B (Emergency Contraception) and the Pill in general. Elizabeth, noting what many pro-life groups have said about Plan B, understandably concluded that our position was similar. The burden was on me to explain why we differed from those other groups and I overlooked doing that in her case. Thus, any confusion her post caused is my fault not hers. To clarify, LTI takes a cautious view on Plan B and the Pill in general while we await further evidence. That is, while we don’t think there is sufficient evidence to say for certain that Plan B (or the Pill) functions as an abortifacient in the event of breakthrough ovulation, we do think there’s sufficient evidence to indicate it may function that way. Thus, we should err on the side of caution while we await further evidence, meaning we do not endorse its use. Ella (Plan C), however, appears to function much like RU 486 abortion, thus Elizabeth is correct to raise concern. I have taken the liberty of modifying the post to reflect our position. Again, I apologize for the confusion, which is fully my fault.
--Scott Klusendorf

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new form of "emergency contraceptive" pill that works as many as five days after unprotected intercourse. Plan B worked up to three days following intercourse.

Read all about the prescription "ella" in Friday's New York Times.

The company manufacturing the drug insists that it does not cause abortion, but this so-called birth control method appears to function much like the abortifacient RU-48; therefore, LTI does not endorse its use.

On a side note, I found it interesting that the article points out that some "religious groups" are opposed to the pill because of the perception that it causes abortion. I think the author here has overlooked groups like the Life Training Institute that base their arguments on science and philosophy. It's insulting to imply that opponents who espouse religious beliefs are incapable of reaching a logical conclusion.

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  1. Can you recommend any resources on birth control, the pill mainly, but also IUDs, rings, patches, etc?

    I've really only heard Randy Alcorn speak on this and it would be great to know if there are other resources we can use when talking with others about this sensitive subject...


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