Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Question about Emergency Contraception [Serge]

I'm too busy to make a long post today, but I have a question to ask about the introduction of the new "EC" Ella. Supposedly, Plan B is 90% effective if taken within 48 hours of intercourse, and is available over the counter. Ella is twice as expensive and will never be available without a prescription. What is the market for this new drug? Who is supposed to buy it? What problem is it supposed to solve? Is it really for those unfortunate women who have had unprotected sex and have been unable to reach any of our nation's pharmacies for over 48 hours - so now they can go to their physician first, then the pharmacist to pay twice as much for a medication so they can use it up to 90 hours after sex? How many women does this accurately describe?

Or is there another reason that we can speculate about... Stay tuned.

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