Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Word About Comments at LTI [Jay]

I felt it necessary to post this for those who wish to argue with our bloggers here at LTI Blog. As a ministry that works with students of various ages, we intend this blog to be safe for a broad range of users. As a result, we moderate all comments and reject any and all comments that contain obscenity. All of the bloggers on this site are working during the day so comments must wait to be approved until one of the site administrators is available.

We welcome respectful dissent, but when commenters begin with an ad hominem attack (personal insults), as a comment I just rejected did, we will not evaluate the full content before rejection. If a comment is sufficiently off the topic of the post or demonstrates a greater desire to troll than to engage a dialogue that comment will also be rejected.

We realize that this violates the desires of many internet users to freely comment, but as a ministry we feel that we have standards that we must uphold and that requires some measure of control. So please feel free to comment and to disagree, but do so respectfully and productively. Thank you for visiting.

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All comments are moderated. We reject all comments containing obscenity. We reserve the right to reject any and all comments that are considered inappropriate or off-topic without explanation.