Friday, February 16, 2007

Not Very Helpful, Rudy [SK]

Rudy Giuliani on Larry King:

"I am pro-choice, but I am also, as you know, against abortion. Hate abortion. Never liked it.''

Rudy, it's not about what you like or dislike. Maybe you do and maybe you don't like abortion. Either way, you're not telling me much. I might like the idea of stealing my father-in-law's Corvette, but morality tells me I shouldn't do it and and I support laws aimed at stopping those who would do it.

It's hard to take you seriously when you sound identical to Mario Cumo. If you're planning a big run to the right to appease social conservatives, this isn't helping your case one bit. Unlike you, these voters understand the difference between saying something tastes bad and saying it is bad.

Here's a suggestion: Take a look at this 3 minute video clip and then tell us why it merely offends one's taste.


  1. I think you are reading this wrong Scott. He is not attempting to make a moral or preference statement. He is making a sales pitch. Whatever side you are on as a voter, I am on your side. In addition to his moral and poltical short comings, he is apparently incapable of identifying mutually exclusive properties.

    In all seriousness, you are right. His moral statement is that he thinks that abortion is distasteful but not wrong with a big "W." Bill Parcels once said that sooner or later you are what your record says you are. Rudy is what he is. He is not an ally of the pro-life movement.


  2. Or, to put it in a more familiar way, Rudy "... was for abortion before he was against it."


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