Saturday, February 3, 2007

When Compromise Isn't Good [SK]

Melinda Penner writes about a disturbing Pew Research poll released last year. Bottom line: The poll shows that most Americans, including most Christians, don't understand the fundamental questions at the heart of the abortion controversy. Sixty-six percent of American and 6 out of 10 Christians prefer compromise and a "middle ground."

These poll answers are not short-term, tactical moves to save some lives until we can save more. These are final answers.

As Penner writes,
There is no middle ground when the question is whether a human being is being killed. How many human beings should the compromise allow to die? What middle ground do Christians suggest we settle on? It's an either or question: a baby dies or doesn't die. There is nothing in the middle.

Should we compromise on the question of how many children we should allow to be sexually molested? Should we find middle ground on how many abused children we'll put up with? Of course not. It comes back to the same issue: What is the unborn? And if she is a human being, doesn't the right to life belong to her? If the unborn is not a human being, then why have any restrictions? Compromise doesn't make sense on either side of this debate. Compromise isn't an answer for the unborn....

It's pathetic that a majority of Christians could contemplate that there is a middle position on abortion. Will pastors who fear controversial issues look at this number and resolve to preach and teach on this issue when 60% of the people sitting in their pews think there's some number of dead unborn babies we can tolerate? How can Christians, who should believe in the divine image every human bears, condone "middle ground." They have no idea what is at stake.

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