Tuesday, February 13, 2007

That was quick. [Jay]

The Marcotte saga is over. She is hired and now she has resigned. Her comments in this article demonstrate that she still does not get it.

Do you think this whole thing is likely to curb her habit for foul-mouthed rants? I would like to thank the Catholic voters for this one especially Bill Donohue. It is only a shame that Mr. Edwards lacked the integrity and class to not hire this woman in the first place.

The problem is that there are apparently two Americas to Mr. Edwards. One that deserves the most vile and vitriolic attacks from a woman incapable of taking a stance without using language inappropriate in any context and one that agrees with him politically. Classy, John.

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  1. I only wish the mainstream media had given more attention to the comments themselves. They reveal a truly unhinged attitude and worldview. I also think it is good if Christians don't hyperventilate over such issues as much as non-Christians do.


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