Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back Up Your Contraception with Self Control Day [Serge]

You may have missed it, but yesterday was "Back up your birth control" day. This is a day in which all of these organizations band together to convince women that their contraceptives may not be as effective as they thought so they should "back them up" with emergency contraception. As you can see, there is not a word about the newest medical literature that shows that EC has not decreased the overall pregnancy rate in 23 studies to date and that there is a growing body of evidence that indicates it may not be nearly as effective as first thought. You would think that women's advocate groups would be all over that information, but it is as if another ideology is driving their agenda.

So for those who are concerned that they need to supplement their regular contraception with a "back-up" plan, I suggest using an age old method: self control. You can start with a single day, but eventually you may find it to be a far more healthy alternative to regular contraception.

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