Monday, March 5, 2007

There is no other way to say it. [Jay]

In a response to this post by Scott, Dr. Lyn says the following:

Let me say one thing though. My heart hurts and I cringe when someone tells a pro-life ally (incrementalist or purist, however they are labeled)that they are participating in or contributing to evil based upon how they would vote in an election. Or how they would pass or not pass legislation or if they are a D or an R.

I would like to respond to this. Let me first say that I agree 100% with the principle behind the statement. I know that the pro-life movement must always advance on the commitment to the sanctity of human life and a shared sense of purpose to see the great evil of abortion on demand end in our lifetime. In that cause we are all united and of one accord.

My point of contention is in the idea that we can not argue our case for one tactic over another without stating the true nature of our disagreement for fear of offending one of our brothers or sisters in the pro-life movement. This must be about life, which means the discussion of tactics will force us to confront that bad tactics cost lives.

Ed Hanks and I disagreed on several posts over incrementalist versus purists position. (Side note: Why does that position get to be called purists?) Now I know that Ed Hanks hates abortion. His posts seem to indicate that he is passionately working to end abortion on demand in the United States. They also reflect a thoughtful and educated man. But make no mistake that what Ed and I disagree on is which tactic will ultimately benefit the greatest number of unborn. We may both be wrong, but we cannot both be right. The reason we both stake a position is our belief that the other position is flawed and will ultimately cost lives. It is an ugly reality. If the tactic of incrementalism is practiced and ultimately proved to be unsuccessful and in hindsight the purist position was true, then I inescapably argued for a position that served the purposes of those who wish to destroy life. The opposite is true as well.

It is important that we not lose that honesty in our arguments. We must argue in a spirit of shared purpose and devotion to the cause, but we must do so honestly. This argument is not about experimental political or tax strategies that effect a forever fluctuating economy ready to rebound with the next upturn. This is about the lives of human beings. That is why we MUST be clear in our thinking. We can never gain back the lives that have already been lost. We have to be sure that our next step does not cost lives unnecessarily. I can love my brothers and sister and disagree with honor and respect, but there is no other way to argue this point than saying I fear your tactics will cost lives. They are arguing the same against me.

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