Friday, March 2, 2007

Don't Let Ideology Hijack Your Thinking [Serge]

It's amazing how one's ideology can get in the way of even basic logical thinking. Case in point, this post about CPCs. Now, I could begin fisking this from the very title, but instead lets take a look at these two points and see if we can follow the logic:

Ask the girl how she's feeling. Not what she's thinking. Centers like
Woods' simply don't trust women to do any of the thinking. Wood claims that she
and her co-workers are caretakers and that her center does not pursue fear and
guilt tactics. Yet they do not hesitate to offer ultrasounds, despite the highly
questionable medical necessity of them
, and brochures that clearly have
misinformation that are still in use

Eesha believes that we should not offer a diagnostic test to a woman because it may not be completely medically necessary. She implies that just because a woman may desire a view of her child, and the clinic has the capability, it should not be done.

Let me point out the obvious here. Abortion is not a medically necessary procedure. Abortion is an elective procedure that a woman requests. Somehow, Eesha believes that a minor girl should have the ability to choose to kill her human offspring without parental consent, but should not have the option of viewing a diagnostic ultrasound to aid her in making that decision because the latter is unnecessary. Amazing thinking, but it does not end there.

In a preposterous effort at recognizing the economic pressure on women who
may choose an abortion, some CPC's offer resources like food, formula, baby
clothes, strollers and help with the month's rent. "We're willing to offer $200,
$300, $400 on the spot, no strings attached," says Pat Foley, who runs the
Wakota Life Care Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. "No life should end because of
Hmm. This sounds promising, at first. Will these CPC's offer
monetary support for the next 18 years, though? Will they offer childcare for
the next 13-15 years? Start a college fund for the potential child? Of course

Its preposterous! When big words replace coherent arguments. According to Eesha, helping a new Mom get a start is preposterous unless the donor also agrees to fund her for the next 18 years, and then pay for college. Outside of that, those pesky CPCs should just keep their money to themselves and let Mom kill her offspring.

I wonder if she is consistent with this thinking. I mean, I support a local food kitchen for homeless families. It seems that unless I offer to fund three square meals a day for the rest of someones life, my support is preposterous in her view. It wold be better if I did nothing, I suppose.

Lastly, I should note that most CPCs do offer new Moms a means to better ensure an economic future for their children. Most provide adoption referrals, which enables pregnant mothers who cannot provide for their child a means to save their lives and at the same time help ensure a positive economic future.

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  1. Ya, ultrasound is a "highly
    questionable medical necessity" unless, of course, you want to kill the child rather than save him.

    Warren Hern, America's leading abortionist and author of the book "Abortion Practice," reccommends ultrasound in some dismemberment abortions. (p. 155)


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