Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I am not sure who to root for on this. [Jay]

This article on a woman suing Planned Parenthood and a physician for the cost of rearing her child after a failed abortion brings up so many conflicting emotions.

Given the following quote addressed in this earlier post by Serge:

In a preposterous effort at recognizing the economic pressure on women who
may choose an abortion, some CPC's offer resources like food, formula, baby
clothes, strollers and help with the month's rent. "We're willing to offer $200,
$300, $400 on the spot, no strings attached," says Pat Foley, who runs the
Wakota Life Care Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. "No life should end because of
Hmm. This sounds promising, at first. Will these CPC's offer
monetary support for the next 18 years, though? Will they offer childcare for
the next 13-15 years? Start a college fund for the potential child? Of course

I presume those that criticize CPC's on this ground of thinking will endorse Planned Parenthood immediately compensating this women for all of her child rearing cost for the next 17 years or so. It is only fair. Not wanting to have this child ought to absolve this woman from any responsibility in the financial cost, right?

Ahh, so many things to dislike here. I think I will collect my thoughts and try to make sense of this later.

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