Wednesday, June 6, 2007

And She Thinks Dobson is Questionable? [SK]

Funny, one of Dobson's critics from Colorado Right to Life seems to have an indiscretion of her own brewing. In a post she is moderating over at Pro-Life Blogs (namely, an article by Judie Brown), she adds words to reader comments without indicating the added remarks are her own. She also claims that I allow no opposing comments on the LTI Blog.

Jivin J addresses both points in his reply to the offending party:

If you would like to respond to my arguments please do so in your own comments. Do not add something onto my comment (by editing it) and never indicate who is making the comment. That is an inappropriate way of dealing with comments you disagree with.

I'll continue to do things (and support prolife organizations) to limit and restrict abortion with the end goal of stopping abortion while you continue to waste your donors' money on cheap attacks at other prolifers.

Scott allows no opposing posts on his site? Are you referring to comments or posts? If posts then well, yeah, duh - it's his site - it doesn't make sense for him to allow a post with opinions he disagrees with.

He does, however, allow comments by individuals who disagree with him on various issues (including numerous comments by your husband) and doesn't edit them with snide comments like you do.
Yes, and for the record, here is the link to one of those posts where her own husband gets his say, without editorial additions from the LTI blogging staff! (We respond in our own comments without adding to his!) To my knowledge, the only time I've rejected comments is when those posting them repeatedly ask that I debate them on other forums (instead of the one we're writing in) or when gross profanity is present. In short, opposing views are welcome! Redundant requests (from the same people) that I carry the debate to other forums are not. (In fact, when one of CRTL's spokespersons mentioned that his comments were not showing up on the blog, I asked him to email them to me directly and they got posted that very day.)

Update, 6:00 PM--I'm wrong about Leslie's husband being the one who posted remarks to our blog. Correction accepted on that point. It was someone else from the same organization (CRTL) with the same last name. Nevertheless, we let him disagree freely, without adding any of our own words to his comments. You can see the exchange for yourself here. You will also notice that the CRTL representitive is not the only one taking issue with me. So much for disallowing dissent.


  1. Scott,
    Just so you know, I am not with CRTL and I do not have the same last name as Leslie.

    Several of my comments which did not have objectionable content that I can identify have not been posted.

    Between your not getting even the most basic facts right and my comments not showing up for hours or never, it is very frustrating to dialog here.

  2. James, you've got some nerve. Over at Po-Life Blogs today, you taunt me for not answering your two questions (even though I've done so in the past, here) ON THAT BLOG, and then, when I do, you ignore my answers ON THAT BLOG and simply say you hope to see them addressed in another forum.

    Talk about frustrating....


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