Friday, June 15, 2007

More Debate on Hollywood (Part 1) [Jay]

This article by Gerard Baker in The Times Online takes a different point of view to Knocked Up and Hollywood’s reticence to address the subject of abortion in blockbuster movies. I think that the author is absolutely right in his convictions about the immorality of abortion and I think he goes way out on a limb as to postulating why the movie industry fails to make more main stream big budget movies about abortion. I was an actor in another life and studied the film industry. His acknowledgement that few people would want to see a movie about abortion is correct, and I think that it is unnecessary and impossible to then declare by nature of that being true we can assume that most people know abortion is immoral.

This statement: “When even Hollywood declines to celebrate the moral courage involved in choosing an abortion, it might be time we all woke up to what abortion really is.” It is just confusing as they celebrate the fool out of these films every chance they get. If you do not think so, look the following links to the awards of Vera Drake and Cider House Rules, both films centering on abortion. Also see this post on the film winning the highest award at this years Cannes Film Festival. In his dismissal of the argument that the fact that abortion movies do not make money is the central reason they are not made as “flimsy”, he compares abortion films to conspiracy films (which people historically love by the way) and TV shows about gay couples. (the economics of TV and tent pole blockbuster films are so radically different this amounts to comparing a grape to a grape fruit) But he is entitled to his opinion.

The comments, however, are very interesting.. Not because they are brilliant, but because you have a full array of pro-abortion arguments not given as examples, but actually offered as truth claims. I will post them in the next post as a follow up.

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