Friday, June 8, 2007

Outstanding Young Talent [SK]

Last night at Fayette County Library, Josh Brahm of Georgia Right to Life delivered a well-researched and articulate case against embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) and human cloning.

Josh, only 23 and already an accomplished musician, is an excellent communicator and a rising star in the field of pro-life apologetics. Josh's main points in part 1 of his presentation were as follows:

1. The morality of ESCR comes down to one qustion: What is the Embryo?
2. The pro-life case against ESCR can be defended both scientifically and philosophically. Scientifically, we know a) the embryos in question are whole living members of the species homo sapien, and b) destroying them for research is not producing the cures to match the hype of proponents. In fact, embryo cells are currently treating no known diseases because we cannot control them and even if we could, our bodies tend to reject foreign tissue. Conversely, adult stem cell treatments (which do not require killing the donor) are treating 72 known diseases. These cells are easier to control and are ethically unproblematic to use.

Solid stuff. Notice the nice mix of pro-life apologetics and ethical alternatives that should mark every good presentation on ESCR. (Some of Josh's notes on the topic can be found here.)

In part 2, Josh tackled the issue of cloning. Regrettably, I had to leave early, but I have no doubt he covered this material equally well.

Nice work, Josh.


  1. Scott,
    I wish you could have stayed around for Part 2. Josh was masterful. I have seen this presentation a few times, now, and he gets better and better. After having worked with him for two years, I can say without question, that I am so glad he is on our side.

    Maybe cloning another Josh. . .just kidding!

  2. You may hear Josh for yourself at


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