Monday, June 11, 2007

Planned Parenthood Sets Record [Jay]

Here are some of the numbers from this article at LifeNews. I will just cut, paste, and vomit:

However, Planned Parenthood's latest annual report reveals it made $902.8 million dollars from 2005-2006 and did 264,943 abortions.

And this:

The annual report showed that Planned Parenthood reported receiving taxpayer funds totaling $305.3 million -- a whopping $32.6 million (12 percent) more than last year. As a result, taxpayer money now accounts for 34 percent of Planned Parenthood's income.

'The bottom line is that Planned Parenthood is losing donations, its clinic income is down and you and I are being forced to pay more so the organization can kill our children through abortion and spread its perverted ideology throughout the land" Sedlak said.

And finally:

"This marks the 34th year in a row that Planned Parenthood has reported "excess revenue" — otherwise known as profit," Sedlak said. "Over the years, Planned Parenthood has reported total profits of over $700 million. It has amassed a treasure chest of assets worth $839.8 million."

Sedlak estimates that about $112.6 million, or 32.5 percent of the income its facilities generate, comes from doing abortions.

What a grisly way to make a dollar. As a fundraiser, I look at giving trends from foundations and private donors. So many well-respected philanthropists and charitable organizations contribute to this cause it is not worth listing them all. It is unfathomable to me that donating to Planned Parenthood has no greater stigma than it does. We have a lot of work to do.

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