Thursday, June 21, 2007

Links [SK]

Clarke Forsythe on why Colorado Right to Life, Judie Brown, et al, need a crash course in legal history before publishing their next full page ad attacking James Dobson. (I've already argued elsewhere that Dobson has not embraced relativism or legal positivism.) HT: Jill Stanek

For fun, read Thick Blue Cloud on Spurgeon and Chesterton

Melinda Penner on why atheist Richard Dawkins can't argue for his position without assuming the very theistic worldview he so despises

Ed Whelan on why President Bush may yet have an opportunity to appoint a strong conservative justice


  1. We're much worse off today then we were in 1973 when abortion was legalized. We even have alleged pro-life and pro-family groups claiming that we have one or more pro-life judges on the Supreme Court when NONE OF THEM recognize that the preborn are persons with the right to life!

    Scalia has even said publicly that it would be just as wrong to make a law the opposite of Roe v Wade as it was to make Roe v Wade.

    That is where the legal positivists and incrementalists strategy have brought us to.

    If you want to give a real response to CRTL and Enyart then take a small amount of time to watch Focus on the Strategy II and respond to that DVD.

    I am going to hear Enyart speak in Oak Park, IL and Goshen, IN today and will print out this section of your blog commenting on the open letter to Dobson for him to respond to. And I will get a copy of Focus on the Strategy II to send you for you to respond to.

  2. Zeke,
    Go back and read Scott's arguments against your position (posted here on this blog) and save the ink regarding Enyart. Been there done that, numerous times.


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